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Last Update May 27, 2015 at 10:21 PDT
Last Update May 27, 2015 at 10:21 PDT

Dayton Sign

 Special - FISTS Americas Chapter Drawings at Dayton 


The Americas Chapter, FISTS CW Club, held special drawings at Dayton Hamvention 2015, thanks in part to the generosity of RF Concepts/Ten-Tec and Vibroplex. Sixteen "Active" member call signs were randomly drawn from the "Active" current dues paid membership list. The drawings were held starting at 1100 hours local Dayton time on May 17, 2015. The Winning Call Signs and Prizes are listed below.

Vibroplex Deluxe
Vibroplex Deluxe
Straight Key

All officers and directors of the chapter were ineligible for the drawings.

Many thanks to the following volunteers who helped with the FISTS booth at Dayton:

Larry KA8HFN, Henry WD8Q, Dirk KG8JK, Jamie WW3S
Dennis K6DF, Karl KB1DSB, Tim AB4B,

73, Karl, KB1DSB
FISTS, Americas Chapter, president

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Check out the FISTS Log Converter program written by Graham G3ZOD.
This is a handy aid for tracking your FISTS Awards
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Will electronically send your completed award log to the FISTS Awards Manager!

Best of all - it is free ! ! !

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PLEASE NOTE: --- Changes To The Above Menu Bar

1.  *** NEW ITEM - as of Jan 26, 2015 *** A FISTS Event Calendar has been added to the website. You will find this item listed under the "Operating" Menu. FISTS Events, Operating and Special, will be listed on this new calendar. Please refer to the calendar for new items and possible changes to current operating and/or special FISTS events.

2.  NOTE -  Our Keynote is now available as a PDF download.

The "Newsletters" Menu is for current dues paying members who have elected to receive their Keynote Newsletters on-line "ONLY" at a reduced membership rate of $10 a year. You will need a User ID and Password to access this menu item.

If you wish more information for receiving your Keynote Newsletter on-line "ONLY", please read the membership section of the "Info" page and contact Karl KB1DSB at for access.

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 Awards Certificates Issued ! 

FISTS Awards Issued for April 2015
Award - Call

Basic Century - F6EAZ - OH2BN

Platinum - W3QT

2 Million - KA5VZG

3 & 4 Million - KE5HL

 WELCOME to our Latest FISTS CW Club Members! 

Name Call FISTS Nr.               Name Call FISTS Nr.               Name Call FISTS Nr.

Bob   VK2BTJ   14187    David   ZL1DCO   14188    -   -   14189
Nob   7L4NDL   15154    Ha Ming   BH3PXD   15155    Mela   JI1KBF   15156
Mike   GØCWM   17087    Tom   MØMEW   17088    Geoff   G4WUA   17089
Les   GI1BZT   17090    Ken   G3KEH   17091    Wolfgang   DL4GKA   17092
Chris   F9WT   17093    Lee   MØLGL   17094    Bob   G3IXZ   17095
Bob   IU6AEI   17096    Paul   GMØBKC   17097    Jenny   GØVQH   17098
Tony   M6BDO   17099    -   -   17400    -   -   17401
Warren   KM4AMA   17233    Glenn   AK4HA   17234    David   KB5ZIW   17235
Larry   W4AUE   17236    Bob   N4TAN   17237    John   K1DSW   17238
James   WVØQ   17239    Ty   W4TYD   17240    Thomas   KB4VRF   17241
John   KE4D   17242    Wayne   KC3DHT   17243    Reggie   WB9KYN   17244
Bill   KG7TJU   17245    Larry   K2II   17246    Rick   N6IET   17247
Larry   AH6AX   17248    Eric   NDØL   17249    Tom   K9DAC   17250
Brad   AB8NO   17251    Jeff   WX8U   172452    Tom   WA3QLY   17253
Bob   K7CGA   17254    Gordie   KCØCIN   17255    Wenda   VE3WMT   17256
Ken   K1WS   17257    Craig   W2VM   17258    Bud   WA8VQO   17259
Lee   K2HAT   17260    Al   WO2T   17261    Jeff   KD8VZD   17262
Charlie   KB8STV   17263    Bud   K5XQ   17264    Ben   KE3KQ   17265
George   N7BUI   17266    Bob   W2CYK   17267    Jesse   W2EEO   17268
Bruce   W9FZ   17269    Janice   KA9VVQ   17270    Rick   NØCN   17271
Steve   KI8FV   17272    Wayne   N4FP   17273    Marty   WB2VYK   17274
Mark   K5MGJ   17275    Marc   W8SDG   17276    Mel   K8MIW   17277
Marsha   N8FE   17278    Scott   W3YX   17279    Jeff   W9CVG   17280
John   W9NET   17281    Jon   KC8RLP   17282    Harris   KD2ISA   17283
Ron   KG4KRB   17284    Jim   W4NTA   17285    Richard   WA4VJK   17286
Larry   NX3X   17287    Brian   KI8FW   17288    Max   W4MEA   17289
Angela   AC8KB   17290    Mary   KC8TAA   17291    Bill   KC4QWM   17292
Mike   KW4DL   17293    Edward   WA3ED   17294    Terry   W5TMP   17295
Jonathan   WØXO   17296    -   -   17297    -   -   17298

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  Up Coming FISTS Activities !  

Read Details Here!

FISTS Tuesday - Every Tuesday - Get on the air and have fun, details below!

Get Your Feet Wet Activity Day - Third Sunday each Month on 80 & 40 Meters

FISTS Summer Slow Speed Sprint - 0000 - 0400 UTC, Saturday July 4, 2015

FISTS Summer Unlimited Sprint - 0000 - 0400 UTC, Saturday July 11, 2015

Dayton Hamvention - FISTS CW Club Booth NHØ136

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What is FISTS?

FISTS is a well established and recognized CW (Morse Code) organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a world-wide membership in the thousands and growing daily.

What FISTS wants to accomplish.

       1. To further the use of CW on the amateur bands.
2. To encourage newcomers to the CW mode.
       3. To engender friendship within the membership.

How FISTS got its name, from our late founder, Geo G3ZQS (Silent Key).

       "I used to be a member of TOPS before it went out. Quote on their banner was "Where FISTS Make Friends". A "FIST", as you know, is nothing more than a CW ops' reference to another ops' keying characteristic. Phil (TOPS founder/sec) was delighted when I told him of the connection though he was later to follow his XYL and his beloved dog, but I will never forget the enthusiasm which came back from his old vibro. 73 de Geo"

There is only one requirement to Join FISTS:

A love of Morse code and a concern for its perpetuation.

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The "Active" Americas Chapter roster is updated each weekday.

Special thanks to Mark Downing WM7D, for hosting this service in past years.

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