Last Update Jun 23, 2017 at 8:48 PDT

Last Update Jun 23, 2017 at 8:48 PDT

  Cumulatives Event  
  Sunday Jun 25, 2017 1900 to 2100 UTC  

 2017 Winter Sprint Results, posted to the ARCHIVES page. 


The FISTS Cumulatives is once again being offered throughout 2017 with the same prizes!
Vibroplex "Bug" Keys will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place operators!
Check the Operating Page! for 2017 Cumulatives Dates and full details!

The 2017 Cumulatives event is on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

*** Be sure to send in your logs! ***

NOTE: FISTS CW Club Officers are NOT eligible for key prizes

 Current 2017 Cumulative Reports 

Feb 2017          Mar 2017          Apr 2017          May 2017          Jun 2017          Jul 2017

Aug 2017          Sep 2017          Oct 2017          Nov 2017          Dec 2017          FINAL !

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 Awards Certificates 
 Issued ! 

May 2017

Award     -     Call

Basic Century - N8VV - EA7JUK

Silver Century - N8VV


Millionaire - N8VV

Millionaire 2 Million Sticker - N8VV

Millionaire 3 Million Sticker - N8VV

Millionaire 4 Million Sticker - GØPNM

Rag Chewers - G4YVM

Worked All States - N8VV

 New Members! 

Name	Call	 Nr

Americas Chapter
Terry	 N7TB	18281
Terry	 N8WEL	18280
Tom	 KB5RF	18279
Michael	 KI4FND	18278
Scott	 W7RX	18277
Bill	 WØTG	18276
William	 WB1BT	18275
Van	 WB5LAI	18274
Kent	 KØWRY	18273
Donald	 KG5TKW	18272
Kris	 ACØUD	18271
Mark	 KM4AHP	18270
Gerald	 KD2FSH	18269
John	 KDØWGH	18268
Stu	 WA6BTK	18267
Pete	 N4CQN	18266
Curtis	 KDØZCY	18265
European Chapter

Terry	 M6AQW	18171

Jon	 MØJPS	18170

Renato	 IK8NXG	18169

Stef	 DL5DG	18168

BoB	 MØKLO	18167

Mark	 M6VMS	18166

Jol	 G6KTO	18165

Allan	 GW4VPX	18164

Clive	 GØULR	18163

Jason	 GSWL43	18162

Graziano IW2NOY	18161

Duncan	 MMØCMV	18160

  ?	   ?	18159

Xavi	 EA3BP	18158

Yrjoe	 OH3CK	18157

Down Under Chapter

East Asia Chapter

Poojith	 VU3YPP	15198

Red Line

  Up Coming FISTS Activities !  

FISTS Tuesday - Every Tuesday - Get on the air and have fun!

Get Your Feet Wet Activity Day - Third Sunday each Month on 80 & 40 Meters

FISTS Summer Slow Speed Sprint - 0000 - 0400 UTC, Saturday Jul 1, 2017

FISTS Summer Unlimited Sprint - 0000 - 0400 UTC, Saturday Jul 8, 2017 

FISTS Cumulatives - 1900 - 2100 UTC, Sunday Jun 25, 2017

Red Line

What is FISTS?

FISTS is a well established and recognized CW (Morse Code) organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a world-wide membership in the thousands and growing daily.

What FISTS wants to accomplish.

       1. To further the use of CW on the amateur bands.
2. To encourage newcomers to the CW mode.
       3. To engender friendship within the membership.

How FISTS got its name, from our late founder, Geo G3ZQS (Silent Key).

       "I used to be a member of TOPS before it went out. Quote on their banner was "Where FISTS Make Friends". A "FIST", as you know, is nothing more than a CW ops' reference to another ops' keying characteristic. Phil (TOPS founder/sec) was delighted when I told him of the connection though he was later to follow his XYL and his beloved dog, but I will never forget the enthusiasm which came back from his old vibro. 73 de Geo"

There is only one requirement to Join FISTS:

A love of Morse code and a concern for its perpetuation.

Search for an "Active" Americas Chapter FISTS Call or Number.
2000 Vibroplex Blue Racer
The Americas Chapter FISTS Search

The "Active" Americas Chapter roster is updated each weekday.

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