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The International Morse Preservation Society Key
Last Update Oct 25, 2016 at 14:10 PDT
Last Update Oct 25, 2016 at 14:10 PDT

 Americas Chapter QSL Bureau - Closed 

To All FISTS CW Club Members:

After handling well over 400,000 QSL cards since 1997,
The FISTS CW Club Americas Chapter QSL Bureau is now Closed.

Please DO NOT send any QSL cards to the Americas Chapter QSL Bureau.

As many of you know, our chapter QSL Bureau Manager,
Stan K4UK, passed away on Oct 5, 2016.

Cards currently in the bureau will be mailed
to the membership over the next few months.

Please send your QSL cards directly to other FISTS members.

"Thank You" and a "Job Well Done" to the Bureau Volunteers.

Stan K4UK, Buddy W4YE, Riley K4ORD, Frank K4HOA, Dick K1HEL
Bill W4BOT, JJ W4EIE, Charlie K4BSF, Harry KA3NZR


Dale Holloway, K4EQ has been selected as our new Keynote Newsletter Editor!
He has spent many years banging the brass since 1960 and will be taking over
as Keynote Editor with the December 2016 issue.

If you have any articles for the newsletter, please send them to Dale at the
e-mail address.


"Welcome to FISTS CW Club" Radio Grams are now being sent to all New
Americas Chapter Members. These radio grams are being sent out through the
NTS traffic system by Bob German KB4RGC #17928.

You will see my name and call as the signature, but I want everyone to know
that Bob is the fellow doing this excellent work.

Thank you Bob, a job well done sir!

73, Dennis K6DF

NEW FISTS Americas Chapter Yahoo Group - Details Here!



This new operating event will run from early August until mid December 2016
on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.
For full rules and log details, please see FISTS Cumulatives on the Operating Page!

 Current Cumulatives Reports 

Aug 2016

 2.  FISTS Americas Chapter  -  Veterans Celebration   

Between Oct 11th and Nov 11th, 2016 make contact with 11 different amateurs that are U.S. Veterans or Active Duty Military.

Complete event details are listed on the Operating Page!

 Lookup Your Dues Expiration Date HERE 

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 FREE - FISTS Log Converter Program 

NEW 3.3.3 Version Now Available - Sept 20, 2016

Check out the FISTS Log Converter program written by Graham G3ZOD.
This is a handy aid for tracking your FISTS Awards
- - - AND (at the click of a button) - - -
It will electronically send your completed award log to the FISTS Awards Manager!

Best of all - it is FREE ! ! !

 Awards Certificates Issued ! 

FISTS Awards Issued for September 2016
Award - Call

Basic Century - VK7CW

Silver Century - VK7CW

Gold Century - VK7CW

Millionaire Award - VK7CW, I5EFO

Worked All States - VK7CW

Spectrum 20 Mtrs - VK7CW

2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Million Stickers - VK7CW

 WELCOME to our New FISTS CW Club Members! 

Name Call FISTS Nr.               Name Call FISTS Nr.               Name Call FISTS Nr.

       Americas Chapter       
-   -   17951    -   -   17950    Filip   AB3HK   17949
Lucas   W6AER   17948    Carl   N6TVN   17947    Roger   AE4RM   17946
Ken   ADØUA   17945    John   W4YG   17944    Robert   K9FS   17943
Peter   KK6RUH   17942    Nick   W3VN   17941    Steven   KG5ARD   17940
Jeremy   KG5BIU   17939    James   VE1KEY   17938    David   N8KZ   17937
Glenn   KK4LPG   17936    Frank   AA1HQ   17935    Alan   W6AWD   17934
Club   W7YN   17933    Richard   KDØNPM   17932    Kimball   N8FNC   17931
Carl   AA4H   17930    Aaron   KD7VDG   17929    Bob   KB4RGC   17928
Michael   NJ8U   17927    Herb   KD2TUG   17926    John   WA2CHV   17925
Alfred   W1DUW   17924    Earl   N4AAA   17923    Mark   W7BZ   17922
       European Chapter       
Dave   MMØHVW   18070    Trev   G4CLE   18069    Stu   2EØXXO   18068
Mike   MØMBZ   18067    Paolo   IU1BFI   18066    John   G4FOL   18065
Tom   GØHBV   18064    Tony   G4ZNI   18063    Paul   GØKPH   18062
Fanis   SV2BBK   18061    Chris   5P5I   18060    Bob   G4LYJ   18059
Rolf   DL6ZB   18058    Dave  GW4XIH-   18057    Andy   E51AND   18056
       Down Under Chapter       
-   -   15206    -   -   15205    Tony   VK3CAB   15204
Ian   VK2GDI   15203    Paul   VK3ZT   15202    Phil   VK6GX   15201
       East Asia Chapter       
KURT   HSØZBS   15188    Aaron   9V1WO   15187    Hide   JR6HK   15186

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  Up Coming FISTS Activities !  

FISTS Tuesday - Every Tuesday - Get on the air and have fun!

Get Your Feet Wet Activity Day - Third Sunday each Month on 80 & 40 Meters

FISTS Winter Slow Speed Sprint - 1700 - 2100 UTC, Saturday Feb 4, 2017

FISTS Winter Unlimited Sprint - 1700 - 2100 UTC, Saturday Feb 11, 2017 

FISTS Cumulatives - 2000 to 2200 UTC, Sunday Nov 13, 2016

Veteran Celebration - Oct 11th to Nov 11th, 2016

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What is FISTS?

FISTS is a well established and recognized CW (Morse Code) organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a world-wide membership in the thousands and growing daily.

What FISTS wants to accomplish.

       1. To further the use of CW on the amateur bands.
2. To encourage newcomers to the CW mode.
       3. To engender friendship within the membership.

How FISTS got its name, from our late founder, Geo G3ZQS (Silent Key).

       "I used to be a member of TOPS before it went out. Quote on their banner was "Where FISTS Make Friends". A "FIST", as you know, is nothing more than a CW ops' reference to another ops' keying characteristic. Phil (TOPS founder/sec) was delighted when I told him of the connection though he was later to follow his XYL and his beloved dog, but I will never forget the enthusiasm which came back from his old vibro. 73 de Geo"

There is only one requirement to Join FISTS:

A love of Morse code and a concern for its perpetuation.

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The "Active" Americas Chapter roster is updated each weekday.

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As of July 1, 2016

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