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Many thanks to the following FISTS Booth volunteers for helping to make the booth a success this year.

Larry KA8HFN
Russ W4ZDU
Henry WD8Q

These volunteers have done an excellent job signing up new members
as well as renewing many of our current members.

Thank you for your time and effort to help to run the FISTS booth at Dayton in 2016.

A special "Thank You" to FISTS members Rich W4RQ and Rob AJ4SB for the
large and expertly hand-crafted QLF key for use in the FISTS Booth. It was
a great help to Larry KA8HFN, our official QLF examiner, to test, qualify,
and enroll many new QLF candidates into the FISTS QLF membership roster.

73, Dennis, K6DF
FISTS Americas Chapter President

Here are a few photos of the crew at booth NH-0136:

Jamie Larry Tim
The booth set up crew, left to right Jamie WW3S, Larry KA8HFN, and Tim AC5SH.

Al Larry Henry
Manning the booth, left to right Al W8FAX, Larry KA8HFN, and Henry WD8Q.

Rich W4RQ and Larry KA8HFN
Rich W4RQ (left) presenting to Henry WD8Q, a large key made made by Rich and Rob AJ4SB,
to be used for QLF testing at the FISTS booth during Dayton Hamventions.

Large QLF Key
Thank you Rich and Rob for the excellent workmanship, the key is perfect for QLF ! ! !

Larry and Rich with QLF key.
Rich W4RQ (right) demonstrating the large QLF key to Larry KA8HFN the FISTS booth QLF examiner.

Tim, Piero, and  Larry with QLF key.
Left to right, Tim AC5SH, P. Begali I2RTF, and Larry KA8HFN, looking over the
large FISTS QLF key made by Rich W4RQ and Rob AJ4SB.

Phil Russ and Ray
Phil AB8GB on the left renewing his club dues, with Russ W4ZDU and Ray WB4ZDU accepting his renewal.

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